Welcome to Brecksville United Methodist Church

Have you heard about Brecksville United Methodist Church?  We are a medium-sized congregation right on the square in downtown Brecksville.  We are all about sharing lives of faithfulness, mutual support, spiritual growth, and service to the community.

Our doors are open to everyone. Whatever your gender, age, race, background, vocation, orientation or belief system, we invite you to come and experience Godís grace with us!

If youíre not active in a local place of worship, come and spend some time with us!

Peace and Blessings, Pastor Clark

Take The Next Right Step

I have a confession to make. I havenít gone running in the past month. I could come up with a million excuses (and I have!) but most of all Iíve just felt guilty because I told you I was going to run a half marathon and then didnít. Sometimes this happens. We have this huge goal or idea out in front of us and weíre excited about it, but donít know where to start or get overwhelmed and so we just donít. And then we feel guilty and the feelings compound and itís just a mess. Weíre no farther along than we were to begin with.†

Being a Christian can feel like this. ďIf being like Jesus is my goal, I know I canít accomplish that so Iím just not going to try.Ē Or ďIn the Church it always feels like you want me to do moreólike Iím not doing enough. So why even go?Ē†
I get it! I really, really do! But hereís the thing:

Yes, the goal is to be like Jesus (and that is a very lofty goal!) but thatís not the goal for next month or next year. Being like Jesus is a lifetime goal.

And yes, we do want you to do ďmoreĒ (worship more, come to small groups, volunteer, give, etc.) but thatís because we like you and we want to ďseeĒ you! And we want you to grow as a disciple of Jesus!

The big goal of ďbeing like JesusĒ can be overwhelming and the expectation of ďbeing a discipleĒ can seem daunting. But right now, the goal is to take the next right step.

I havenít gone running for a month, but you know what I have done? Iíve walked 4 miles at least 3 times the past two weeks. And Iíve increased my daily steps each day, too! I havenít run my half marathon yet, but I am getting active, and I am taking a step in the right direction.††

This is all we ask of you as a part of this church.†

In this new time of being the church, our goal as a ministry team is to help bring you into the presence of God: to give you the tools and skills you need to take ownership of your faith and take your next right step towards being like Jesus in your daily lives. For you, this might mean raising your voice in prayer more often or cracking open your bible and digging into Godís Word or joining a small group even though that sounds like the scariest thing in the world.†

I just want you to know: you can do this!

You can pray to God! It doesnít have to be fancy or include certain words. It can be a song, or a phrase you say over and over, or ďHey God, this is what I did today.Ē Prayer is opening up yourself to God through conversationóboth talking and listening.

You can read scripture! You donít have to have a degree inÖ anythingÖ to read scripture. You donít even have to have opened the bible before in your life. Like prayer, to read scripture you just have to open yourself up to Godís Spirit and be willing to learn.

You can be a disciple! You donít have to have Jesus all figured out to be a disciple. You just have to be willing to try and apply Jesusí teachings of love, compassionÖ wait. GUYS. All discipleship is, is living out what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount! We just spent 10 weeks learning about that! You know how to do this!†

To follow Jesus, you just have to be willing to take the next right step. And we will be right beside you on your journey, because none of us are meant to do this alone. This fall we have some new classes and small groups and practical sermons and ways to connect that will help you apply your faith to your daily life and take your next right step in your journey.†

I have confidence in you and faith in God that you can do this!

About Rev. Heidi Welch

Pastor Heidi was in her third year of service at Medina United Methodist Church when she was ordained by the United Methodist Church. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Youngstown State University and a Master of Divinity from Methodist Theological School in Ohio. Her ministry experience also includes Johnsonville Grace and Steam Corners UMCs.

In service to the Conference, Pastor Heidi has served as District Representative to Commission on the Status and Role of Women and the District Committee on Ordained Ministry, both in the Canal District.

Pastor Heidi is married, and has two children, Joseph and Cornelia. The family includes a boxer named Hans. Her husband, Rasul's, parents were Heidi's pastors when she was growing up - but that's not how they met. Ask her to tell you the story sometime!

Pastor Heidi says, "I'm excited to see what God can do with us and through us as we work together to bring God's kin-dom on earth!"