Communion Workshop
Taste the Bread
Sixth and Seventh Grade Communion Workshop

Throughout the season of Lent, our sixth and seventh graders are invited to participate in a Communion Workshop. Each Sunday morning during their Sunday school hour we will be learning about and exploring the sacrament of communion, one of the most significant symbols of our church life. Over the course of this six week class, we will begin to understand the crucial meaning of communion. As we get involved in the story, we will see the connection between Godís old covenant with Moses and the Israelites and Jesusí new covenant with all of us. We will see that Jesus instituted the elements of this simple meal as a way to help us remember him and as a way for us to come together in Christian fellowship.

Look for our sixth and seventh graders to serve you communion on May 7 after they spend time learning about this special celebration.  Class will meet in Room 402 beginning March 5.  The students will bake the communion bread during their regular Sunday school class on April 30.