Reach Out at Lakeside, July 9 - 15
Reach Out 2017.   July 9-15, Lakeside, OH
This weeklong camp combines two of the best things about the summer - camp with friends and missions with Jesus! Campers will have lots of free time to explore Lakeside, Ohio the picturesque town on the shores of Lake Erie: eat the best donuts around, play shuffleboard, and hang out on the pier. There is also daily programming that includes worship, devotionals, group games, arts/crafts, and much more! Two days out of the week, campers go off site for unique mission opportunities, such as local free stores, homeless shelters, facilities for elderly and disabled people, and urban home restoration. Students from all across Ohio meet at Reach Out for an unforgettable week! Both Dana and Jamie will be helping out this year. Itís sure to be a fun time at Reach Out!
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