All Church Lenten Study Series
This year's all-church Lenten study will parallel Pastor Clark’s sermon series, EXPOSED.

Are you ready to tear away pretense and get honest about what holds you back from following God's call on your life? Each Sunday, during the 10 o’clock education hour, we will examine Scripture and use a combination of large-group and small-group discussion to uncover God's heart for us and our heart for the world.

March 5:  Psalm 32 and Matthew 4:1-11
A Hiding Place - What holds you back in your spiritual growth? Are you hiding behind old habits or excuses? This week, we will strip back some of our fears and explore the freedom that comes with exposing our personal truth.

March 12: Psalm 121 and John 3:1-17
Life & Death - What does it mean to fully commit to being a disciple of Jesus Christ? Jesus promises us abundant life when we choose to become a disciple. Are you ready to live fully into that call and fully live?

March 19:  Psalm 95 and John 4:5-42
No Secrets - What does it mean to be authentic with one another and truly support each other in community? How can we, as a community of faith, provide a safe environment for growing together as followers of Jesus?

March 26: Psalm 23 and John 9:1-41
To See or Not to See - We know that God has placed a call on our lives, and we know that call will take us to places we don't expect. Are you ready to open your eyes to the places God is calling you to go?

April 2: Psalm 130 and John 11: 1-45
Set Free - What does it look like to be truly empowered for ministry? How can we come together, gear up, and get to work as followers of Jesus, right here at Brecksville United Methodist Church?

April 9: Palm Sunday
The Call to Justice - In this final week, we will take a look at the call to justice that brought Jesus into Jerusalem on the back of a humble donkey. Understanding that we answer the same call, what will discover together what that looks like in our own lives and in our life as a community.