A Call to Jesus' Kin-dom
Words of Integration & Guidance
A Call to Jesusí Kin-dom
By Jenny Youngman

At the time of Jesusí ministry, the world was broken.  There was no accountability for political leaders, and to some extent, religious ones.  Justice was relative and peopleís basic rights were ignored.  This is the world that Jesus was born into.  This is the world that God chose to come and dwell amongst us.  Jesusí message that there was now a new kingdom was revolutionary.  It was radical.

To a people oppressed and downtrodden, Jesus arrived as leader of a countercultural movement of justice, peace, and love for all.  And Jesus didnít proclaim this message gently.  In one instance, Jesus entered the temple grounds and was deeply angered by the injustice he saw.  Jesus went off, overturning tables and brandishing a whip.  Jesus was  peacemaker, but he wasnít a peacekeeper.  He roused people.  He shook them.  He was trying to wake them up.  Jesus was rebellious and his message was counter-cultural.

Yet, somehow over the years, Jesus became part of the mainstream and his message became tame.  When Jesusí counter-cultural message is tamed, we are left with a cultural Christianity.  This is a version of faith where we show up to feel good about ourselves.  Or a place we go to meet people and make connections.  When Jesusí message is tamed, weíre left with a meeting place.  A club.

This is not the message Jesus brought to the world.  The message Jesus brought to the world isnít safe.  His message was a threat to the religious leaders and government officials of his time.  Remember, Jesus didnít come to start a religion, but to start a counter-cultural revolution that we are invited to be a part of.  We have to be willing to ask ourselves if our faith is in the cultural Jesus that is comfortable and easy to digest: or if our faith is in the radical Jesus who spurs us to action.

(Used by permission of the author.)


How are the people of Brecksville United Methodist Church part of Jesusí special Kin-dom, rather than just a tame social club of cultural Christianity?

How are we acting on Jesusí call to RADICAL LOVE, RADICAL JUSTICE and RADICAL PEACE?