Put Your Good Intentions to Work!

When we join the United Methodist Church, we vow to support it with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  But sometimes, our good intentions get lost in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life.  As a church, how are we doing with our promises?  Can you help fill in the blanks?  Here are some ways that you could be of service to others:  serve as an usher, become a church closer, teach or assist with a Sunday School Class or volunteer for the mowing team.  Contact the church office to volunteer! 440-526-8938 or office@brecksvilleumc.com

Box Tops

UMW continues to collect Box Tops for Education!  Clip and save the symbol from participating products and bring them to the bin in the first floor coat room.  These labels are sent to Henderson Settlement Mission in Frakes, KY and the proceeds are used to support their work.

Food Drive for Brookside

Brookside Food Center disperses meals to local families in need. The success of their program depends on the kindness and generosity of people like you!

On the third Friday of each month, our United Methodist Women deliver our donations to Brookside.  Please help us fill the bin in the coat room with food like:

Canned fruits
Canned vegetables
Apple sauce
Dried Fruit
Peanut Butter
Pasta and pasta sauce
Canned soups
Tuna and other canned fish
Other healthy non-perishable foods!

Paper products, such as napkins and paper towels, are also greatly appreciated. 

Your contributions make a world of difference to families in need.

Where to donate

Spring cleaning? Donít send your unwanted items to the dump! These organizations all offer FREE PICK UP! 

Clothing, household, toys,
books, etc.

City Mission (donatestuff.com)
Clothing, household items

Cleveland Furniture Bank
216-459-2265 x 101
Furniture, household items

Gathering Place Warehouse
216-595-9546 (will pack up, too)
Furniture, household, antiques, china, crystal, silverware, art, rugs, lamps, mirrors, costume jewelry

Habitat for Humanity
Furniture, appliances, building materials, household.

Salvation Army, 800-728-7825
Furniture, clothing, household

Have an old bike you've outgrown or no longer use? 
Donate it to Brecksville UMC's Bike Ministry!

Background Checks

"The education and spiritual formation of children, youth and adults is why the church exists. We're here to make and mature disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world." said Gary Jones, Director Spiritual Formation, East Ohio Conference United Methodist Church. "If we're not teaching, if we're not keeping those people we're charged to teach safe, there's really not a reason for us to be here."

At Brecksville UMC, we conduct background checks on all volunteers who work with children. Parents want to know that their children are safe in the care of others. Background checks protect children, protect volunteers, and protect the assets of the church!

Read our church's child protection policy    here.

If you are interested in working with children, please contact Jenny Gee, Director of Christian Education, to learn more about background checks.

Church Ride Share

Sometimes itís hard to get to church.  Maybe your carís in the shop, youíre not comfortable driving, or you just donít want to go to church alone.  Sign up for BUMC Rideshare! If you need a ride or can give a ride sign up in the lobby!

Drivers, we have some super cool car magnets to help identify you as a person who's offering rides.  Pick one up in the office!

Adopt-A-Flower-Bed Update

I would like to thank everyone for adopting a garden for tender loving care at the Church.

Having many hands will make the chore easier.  Trustees, and I, appreciate everyoneís help.

The garden assignments as I see them currently are:

  • The Botzman family  garden East of the steps along Brecksville Road

  • The Brachna family - garden West of those same stairs

  • Gail and Kim Meyer - garden around main Church sign by Brecksville Road

  • David Slaby - garden in front of Lube Window, front of the Sanctuary

  • The Welch family - garden around the sign at main entrance

  • The Adanich family - garden by the bike patio, along parking lot and entrance

  • Mary & Craig Kotnik and Ruth Herman - bed along the church building in the main parking lot

  • Becky Chen - bed along the front side walk (by the sanctuary)

  • David & Kelly Brown - bed in front of the Pastor's Window

  • Jeff & Sue Hastings - Bed on east side of building

  • Lori Rutsterholtz & Bev Gooding - Memorial Hill Rose Garden

  • Marla Knight-Front Bed by Bike Patio

  • Bob Lundholm - Bed by Old Town Hall

All of the beds are adopted!

I would like to start by saying trustees is considering having a mulch party to mulch the beds so all the mulch matches.  We would like to do this when the beds are clean and fresh.  Thinking about early June.

I would like to ask if everyone can confirm if you could weed your beds and prepare them for mulching before we mulch.  Once I have an idea we can schedule the mulch party.

What we hope to have accomplished is all the beds are routinely weeded.  Mother nature loves to plant in every void, we would rather have a more organized approach.  If there are any questions if something is a plant or a weed you could ask or use your best judgement.  If anyone has extra perennials that may be suitable for any garden we welcome those.  If you want to plant annuals in your garden for a burst of color this year we welcome that as well, as we all know some plants especially annuals need some care to stay looking their best.

The church has a sprinkler system that reaches most beds and we will run this as needed for watering.  If at any time you feel more water is needed please speak up.

Thank you all.

Bob Lundholm, Chair, Trustees Committee