5 Reasons Your Teen Should Come to Youth Group

And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ. - Philippians 1:9-10

Parents are overrun with pressure to make sure their children are in the top percentile. There is a constant fear of “is it enough?” Are our children’s grades good enough to get into a good enough college so that they will be able to get a good enough job, so that they will have a good enough life? Is the ballet or basketball or AP biology enough for them to get accepted?  

Youth Group has been designed to make sure every BUMC youth can excel in the things of God and receive an AP level of theology and spirituality geared to teens with a chance to live faithfully in community. These days homework is heavy and everyone is busy. Yet, we have been called to excel in our love for Jesus Christ, renewing our minds, and devoting ourselves to putting Him first. In a pursuit of excellence, think about these common obstacles to youth group activity:

BUMC from scratch

1. My child is too busy with other activities
(school, sports, etc.)

The soccer or drama coach, the dance instructor, and the English teacher, are all vying for your child’s time and each one is demanding, determined, and is dedicated to help them excel. Our children are most importantly called to spiritual excellence. Without a strong Christ-centered spiritual development, even the best scholastic education, creative skill, or athletic prowess is like a beautiful table with shoddy, ill-fitted legs; it will eventually collapse. What you sow into determines what you reap. If you want to reap a teenager who has a genuine, gospel-centered faith, there needs to be a priority placed on the things of God
at home and church.

Prepping a Meal

2. My child says the group is boring.

Is this a statement about the ministry or your child’s spiritual interest? Many of the same students will say the Bible is boring. We work hard to foster a rich and meaningful time with interactive lessons. But “fun” is not our highest goal. We want to help youth love God heart, soul, mind, and strength before anything else. If your child is bored with God, it’s even more important for them to get and stay connected to a youth group. This year, pray that a sincere awareness of the need for Jesus will emerge in your teen’s heart.

Learning Together

3. My child does not need to be involved because he/she is already a good person.

If your daughter was an excellent basketball player, would she stop going to basketball practice? Of course not. Living a balanced life means making time for the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. Jesus doesn’t simply call us to be good. He calls us to be complete and to respond to the truth of His resurrection, to worship Him, and to be filled with His Spirit, serving in His kingdom today as alive and transformed peacemakers.

Fun and Learning

4. My child doesn’t know anyone in the group.

This may be true now, but it won't be true for long. All are welcome and accepted at BY Worship Wednesdays. If your child attends a few times they will have several new friends. Our time offers many chances to get to know people.

5. My child simply does not want to go.

This is often the bottom line reason. When a child comes to youth group he/she has a chance to respond to God’s Word and to have a heart change. With many important things in life, we don’t always want to do what is best for us. Encourage your child to just come and see and sample the goodness God has for them!


We meet the first Sunday of every month at 5:00 PM for our All Youth Dinner with a lot of time to eat, talk, laugh, and learn. High School Youth Group meets at 6:00 and wraps up at 7:00. All 6thh-12th graders are welcome! Middle School Youth Group meets on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. Find our more on our Youth Facebook page:

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