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United Methodist Organization Websites

The United Methodist Church is the official website of our denomination. Read news, find a United Methodist church, explore Methopedia, read the daily devotional from the Upper Room, learn about the denomination and more.

Rethink Church is a website for young adult spiritual seekers supplied by the United Methodist Church. It invites visitors to question, discuss, get involved and make a difference.

United Methodist Communications is theofficial website ofthe agency that coordinates communications within andoutside the denomination. Read news releases of all types concerning thechurch, learn about "Rethink Church" and "10,000 Doors" thechurch's media work, search the site with various keywords, learn about techproducts available to United Methodists, and access various media, includingclip-art.

Infoserv is the place to find answers to all your questions about the United Methodist Church. Learn about our church, our faith, our people and our world. Search the information available on the site, or ask the question that has been bothering you. Search this site, or al United Methodist websites with tools provided here. Find a church near you, or visit any other official United Methodist website. Discover MethoPedia.

East Ohio Conference is the official website of the churches in eastern Ohio.Read the news, find a United Methodist church or pastor, learn about up-coming events and on-going ministries and missions, read the daily devotional from the Upper Room, and more.

Northcoast District Northcoast District is the official website of the North Coast District of the United Methodist Church. Serving Cleveland, Cuyahoga, and portions of Lorain and Medina Counties in Northeast Ohio.

East Ohio Conference Church Camps is the official website for East Ohio Camps, which provides children and youth with a variety of opportunities to have fun, explore their faith and make new friends.The choice is yours! You will find that Camp Aldersgate, Camp Asburyand Camp Wanake have camping programs that are distinctly unique to each camp site. Also offered are additional opportunities for youth: CYF held at Malone College and Reach Out and Institute held at Lakeside.

World Methodist Council is the official website of the body that unites Methodist and Wesleyan church denominations from across the world. These various denominations touch the lives of 75 million people. Read the sermons of John Wesley here, as well as other world Methodist documents.

General Board of Church and Society is the official website of the United Methodist agency that addresses issues in our society, government legislation and elected officials. Join advocacy groups, receive action alerts, order materials, learn of up-coming events.

General Board of Discipleship is the official website of the United Methodist agency that produces various resources for the church, including materials for: camping, retreats, Christian education, congregational development, evangelism, family and age-group ministries, Hispanic ministries, lay speaking, spiritual formation,stewardship, worship and youth ministries.

General Board of Global Ministries is the official website of the United Methodist agency that coordinates the mission and relief work of the church. Read news of various missions and world-wide emergencies, learn how to volunteer or give donations, order resources for interpreting missions, and more. Also provides information on United Methodist history, theology, and doctrines.

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry is the official website of the United Methodist agency that coordinates the educational institutions of the church and the recruitment and ordination of clergy. Read news, learn about up-coming events, explore a call to various forms of full-time and part-time ministries, learn about United Methodist-related schools, colleges, universities and seminaries. Apply for loans or scholarships.

General Commission on Archives and History is the official website of the United Methodist agency that promotes and cares for the historical interests of the church. Search archives, learn locations of historical records and artifacts, do genealogical work with ancestors who were United Methodist pastors or missionaries, order or download publications.

General Commission on Christian Unity and Interrelgious Concerns is the official website of the United Methodist agency that coordinates all the ecumenical and inter religious work of the church. Read news and blogs of ecumenical progress with other denominations. and of relationships with Muslims,Jews, and Native American religions. Order resources.

General Commissioning Religion and Race is the official website of the United Methodist organization that works to eliminate prejudice and create unity and peace among people of different faiths. Read news of work and progress in relationships with various ethnic and minority groups.

General Commission on the Status and Role of Women is the official website for the organization that advocates for the full inclusion of women in the United Methodist Church. Learn about women's issues here, and review sexual misconduct policies.

General Council on Finance and Administration is the official website of the United Methodist Church organization that administers and safeguards the finances of the denomination. They also provide oversight regarding legal issues for the church.

United Methodist Church Foundation The mission of the United Methodist Church Foundation is to empower the Church, local to global, by modeling a generosity in trusted partnership with agencies and institutions to endow its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

United Methodist Women United Methodist Women" is the largest denominational faith organization for women with approximately 800,000 members whose mission is fostering spiritual growth,developing leaders and advocating for justice.

United Methodist Men is the official website of our denomination's men's organization. You can checkout their activities, as well as learn about their prayer ministry, support of scouting ministries, and find a United Methodist Church nearly any place you are going in the United States.

Websites for United Methodist Youth

The website for young people has interactive features such as chat, text message subscriptions, free monthly webinars, grant and scholarship information and weekly stories highlighting ministries with young people throughout the United Methodist Church.

View videos from youth talking about their faith experiences. Create your own tile, and leave a message for others around the world. Learn about youth events happening around the U.S.

Read On-Line Magazines

Interpreter Magazine is the denomination's primary magazine source for our denomination's leaders.Check out fast-reading articles on all kinds of faith-related subjects coming out of our larger church. Get ideas to use in your family, your church or your community. Write a letter to the editor, even place an advertisement.

Methodist Review is an academic journal of Wesleyan and Methodist studies. It publishes scholarly articles of Wesleyan and Methodist studies such as: biblical,theological, ethical, philosophical, historical, biographical and socio-scientific topics. You have to register to access the contents, but registration is free.

The United Methodist Reporter While it hasstrong connections to the United Methodist Church, The United Methodist Reporter is an independent organization and receives no financial support from the church.

The Response From the United Methodist Women Want to see the world? Searching for meaning in life? Overwhelmed by folks who don't care?Concerned about neglected children? Committed to mission? If you answered yes to any of these questions, response is for you. Monthly Bible studies,stories of faith, and mission opportunities are just part of what you'll find in response. This magazine will touch your heart, stir your soul, and challenge your mind.

The MethoBlog Not a magazine in the traditional sense of the word, but a collection of blogs musings on the Methodist world.

United Methodist Retail Websites

Cokesburystore is the United Methodist Church's on-line retail source for Bibles,church supplies, Christian books, United Methodist curriculum materials, Bible studies, music resources, ministry tools, religious jewelry, paraments,alter ware and church furnishings.

Upper Room Ministries is the United Methodist source for purchasing various devotional resources produced by the Upper Room Ministries of the United Methodist Church. It is also the source for all the ministry resources produced by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church.

Take On-Line Courses and Training

Study at a United Methodist Seminary Online Our 13 United Methodist Seminaries all offer classes at this site. Clergy and laypeople are welcome to take these classes on line. Study the Bible,theology, church history, ethics and more. You do not have to be a United Methodist to participate. Fees are set by the school that is hosting the online class.

The Wesley Ministry Network is a source for high-grade classes presented for laypersons and pastors alike. A large variety of classes are available for a very nominal fee. Video-streaming and on-line discussions are some of the tools used for classes.Books may need to be purchased for some courses.

On-Line Training is a free on-line training source for United Methodist leaders.A variety of courses are available and new ones are being added all the time.

Other Interesting and Helpful Websites

The United Methodist Hymnal provides lyrics and music for the hymns and songs in our denomination's official hymnal. You choose from several instruments for accompanying the music as you listen. This site also provides a searchable feature to locate any word or phrase from the hymns and songs.

Christian Hymns and Gospel Songs provides words, music, history and more for 3,600 Christian hymns and gospel songs gathered from across the interdenominational church.

Different Bible Translations in English and many other languages are available at this interdenominational site. Wondering how The Message compares to the NIV and the King James version? You can view scriptures in parallel. The Bible is also searchable by keyword and by topic.

Oremus Bible Browser is another helpful on-line Bible resource.

Christian Clip art is available free from this website. You can use these to spice up your publications.

Christian Clip art is another site that provides free Christian clip art. This one is produced by Spanish-speaking Catholics, but the art transcends language and denominational differences.

Audio Profiles of Faith provides you with audio testimonies from real people around the world.Profiles change every month.

United Methodist Giving explains where the money goes and what it accomplishes. Read stories of people on the receiving end of our giving. Learn about general church and conference apportionments, the 6 special Sunday offerings, designated mission giving through the Advance for Christ, and World Service special gifts.

Some of the United Methodist-Related Institutions in Ohio

The Methodist Theological School in Ohio

United Theological Seminary

Baldwin Wallace College

Mount Union College

Ohio Northern University

Ohio Wesleyan University

Otterbein College

Christ Hospital

Otterbein Homes Retirement Community

The United Methodist Children's Home