5 Ways to Cope with Mother’s Day Grief

Are you missing your mom this Mother’s Day?  Here are five suggestions to help the day land gently.

  1. Spend time with the other women in your life.  Celebrate those who nurture, care and mentor you and others.
  2. Share something your mother taught you.  Taking time to pass along the lessons you learned from your mom helps her memory span generations.
  3. Do something that your mother loved.  Eat her favorite dessert, watch her favorite movie, go dancing, go golfing,  play her favorite game…whatever you choose, enjoy it just as she would. 
  4. Sing a song.  Musical memories are special comfort. Sing your mother’s favorite song or play her favorite hymn.
  5. Fast from social media. Your  feed may be full of snapshots of “perfect” mothers, which can trick us into thinking we’re the only one whose relationship with their mother complicated or who is missing their mother.

No matter how you spend the day, remember that God is with you and that you are loved beyond measure!