Advocacy in the Church

What problems in our community keep you awake at night?

As Christians do we have a responsibility to challenge systems that treat people unfairly?

Do you feel powerless to challenge the status quo?

For the past 13 years, the Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) has combined the power, resources, and influence of 36+ religious organizations in the Cleveland area to make a difference, to seek justice, and to challenge unfair systems.

GCC has supported voter education, community safety, affordable healthcare, criminal justice reform, and other local issues. By working together, they are able to accomplish what no one church could accomplish on its own.

This is much like the founders of the United Methodist Church, who worked to promote education, healthcare, and reducing poverty. It is not enough to just help those who are in need. Sometimes we need to challenge systems which cause people to be in need.

Brecksville UMC has an exciting opportunity to join GCC, so that we can combine our efforts with other like-minded churches of various denominations to work together to advocate for positive change.

You are invited to join us on Sunday, August 4 at 9:30 am in the Chapel (on the main floor – east end of the building) for a discussion about what it would mean for Brecksville United Methodist Church to join the Greater Cleveland Congregations. We will be joined by Susan Reis, who serves as Co-Chair for GCC Engage. Susan is a member of Park Synagogue and has been a volunteer with GCC since its inception. She will share her perspective on what it means to be part of GCC.

Be part of the discussion and part of the solution.

-Submitted by Jim Slagle