Climate + Faith Prayer Walk – 4

Stop 4: Worship On the Lawn

Many people say that they feel closest to God when they are in nature. More than 15 years ago, Brecksville United Methodist Church began hosting a worship service in God’s cathedral, outdoors on the front lawn of the church, on Sunday mornings from spring through fall. The experience is unique and rejuvenating. Under a canopy of trees, we sing songs accompanied by the birds. We sit in the dappled sunlight as we reflect on scripture and hear the morning’s message. We gather in the safety of a welcoming and accepting community. We dress for the weather in our comfortable shoes and bring our camp chairs, strollers and – occasionally – our dogs. All are welcome, invited and accepted at Brecksville United Methodist Church

A group of people worship on the front lawn of Brecksville United Methodist Church

Praise the Lord.
Praise God in God’s sanctuary;

Psalm 150:1


John 2:13-22

  • What does this passage say about the essence of real worship? 
  • Do people who focus too much on a physical location miss out on God’s glory standing right in front of them?

God of passion and new life, give us the boldness we need to clear away old systems that destroy, and build new ones that care for creation, revive our sacred calling, and draw us closer to you. When righteous anger is fitting, or when compassionate patience is fitting, kindle it in our hearts, for the sake of your household. Amen.


  • What “business as usual” is God calling you to clear away in your own household, or to help transform in your community’s household?
  • How can our economic activity, personally and communally, become a positive part of the fight for a healthy climate and our relationship with God?


  • Experience a worship on the lawn online. This service was recorded last year.