Climate + Faith Prayer Walk

In the Church Yard

Stop 1 – Chippewa Creek

Behold Chippewa Creek a tributary watershed to the Cuyahoga River.  Its steep slopes and rapid urbanization sends volumes of floodwater into Cuyahoga Valley National Park where it joins the river, which flows into Lake Erie.  Its drainage area includes the communities of Brecksville, Broadview Heights, North Royalton and small parts of Seven Hills and Parma. Keeping Chippewa Creek clean protects our drinking water, our wildlife and our neighbors!
Chippewa Creek, in Fall

Word for Reflection: Humility

From a position of humility,

we can act with insight and courage.

What does it mean to be humble?

How can humility help us solve problems?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

Read Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21. “Humility is always a good place to begin. At the heart of one of Jesus’ most famous sermons, he warns against taking actions – even ‘holy’ or ‘righteous’ actions – in order to ‘be seen by others’ (Matthew 6:5). All of us are vulnerable to this kind of seeking recognition, and a helpful safeguard as we embark on any good work is to remember that ‘we are dust’: we stand not above others but always with others, humbly walking alongside God and neighbor.” From Climate+Faith: How We Can Help Meet the Greatest Challenge In Human History

Standing next to the flowing waters of Chippewa Creek, reflect on your place in the world and your relationship to water.

Daisies, a poem by Mary Oliver. Read by Dana Schwendeman.

WALKING THE TALK: Try these simple actions this week to help protect our water system.

  • Protect the water system – pick up poop when walking your dog.
  • Dispose of prescription medications properly – never in the toilet or garbage. National Drug Take Back Day is April 27, 2024 and there will be a drop off location at the Horitculture Building in Brecksville. Local police departments, libraries and drug stores also have safe drop off locations year round!
  • Choose detergents without phosphates.

Get more quick and easy tips for protecting our waterways. Download the “Healthy Home” book from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.


God of love and justice, Maker of heaven and earth, help us to begin. Give us the strength we need to make changes for the better. Help us to care for our communities, our climate and your creation.