Confirmation is an opportunity offered to students in grades seven and above. It is a time committed to a personal exploration of what it means to be a Christian, and more specifically, a United Methodist. Students are invited to learn more about scripture, church history, prayer, spiritual development, theology, mission, and the structural connections of the UMC. This learning takes place during our Sunday morning education hour, with confirmation mentors, during worship, on retreat, and in other avenues throughout the year.

Sacrament by Anna Strickland
Digital painting

At the culmination of the confirmation journey, students decide if they want to claim their faith as their own and become full members of the United Methodist Church. Confirmation is a continuation of baptismal vows that parents make for their children, where students can now choose to say for themselves, “yes, I want to follow Jesus and I choose to be a United Methodist.”

Our hope at Brecksville United Methodist Church is that Confirmation can be a safe space for students to grow with God and one another, a time for open-hearted exploration where students can ask questions freely, follow their curiosity, and find a place in the world and the church where they feel they can totally be themselves.

If you would like to learn more about confirmation, or are interested in serving as a confirmation mentor, please reach out to our Youth Director, Dana Schwendeman.

Beyond Baptism: What confirmation means to the United Methodist Church