Congregational Care Team

"Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority... Freely you have received; freely give."  - From Matthew 10

“Maxine” taught Sunday School for 40 years. She used to be the person everyone went to for help, but she isn’t able to leave her house much these days. With eyesight not what it used be, she’s uncomfortable driving. Her kids come and visit when they can, but she misses her friends from church and longs for the days when she was part of the church community. Most of all, Maxine misses the presence of a friend who can share a Bible verse, a prayer or a reminder that she is not alone - she is loved by God and loved and remembered by her church family.

The Congregational Care Team is an answer to the prayers of people like Maxine. Those serving on this team are equipped with training and resources to use their gifts of caring and presence to check in on someone like Maxine once a month or more. The team will meet quarterly for training and resources, with the next meeting in September. Interested in learning more about this ministry?

Our 2024-25 Congregational Care Team