From the Pastor

I love boxes. They’re great ways to contain items that you’ll need later—lunch, summer clothes, and Christmas decorations, to name a few. However, I’ve learned over the years that one thing that can’t be put into a box is God. 

We try to put God in all kinds of boxes—limiting what God looks like or does. We even tend to do this with our prayers—praying for God to do specific things: healing a friend’s cancer or giving us an opportunity we really want. While these prayers are important and good, it’s also important to open ourselves to another way of praying: breakthrough prayer. 

Breakthrough prayers begin with the understanding that God cannot be contained—God is beyond anything our minds can fathom! Breakthrough prayers invite the Holy Spirit to unleash more than we could ever ask, think, or imagine in our lives, the church, and the world. 

On October 29, we began a worship series called Dynamite Prayer, in which we are learning how to open ourselves to God’s divine, dynamite power. Yes, we already started the worship series. Yes, the Sunday School is well underway. However: it’s never too late to pick up a book either at the church or online and start praying! 

As we look to 2024, where is God leading us? How is God calling us to be grace in action? How can we create safe spaces to grow with God and one another? How does God want us to be courageously inclusive? Where is God already working in our community? What incredible things is God leading YOU to do that you haven’t even imagined yet? 

In January 2024, we begin our new governance structure with our Leadership Board. While they are tasked with setting the vision and goals for BUMC, they don’t do that in a vacuum—input and feedback from our whole community is vital in living out God’s vision for us!  

So, on November 29th at 5:30, we’ll gather for a “Dynamite Prayer Potluck.” Bring a dish to share (homemade or purchased!) as well as the dreams and ideas God has shared with you. Then, at 7:00, we’ll have our final Church Council meeting and pray for the ways God is continuing to lead Brecksville United Methodist Church into 2024 and beyond. 

If you have any boxes, you can break them down and put them in the recycling here at church. Because nothing can contain the power of God or the possibilities of this faith community! 

Take care,

Pastor Heidi

Rev. Heidi Welch, Senior Pastor