Leadership Board Update – June 2024

Checking the Vitals

At the May Leadership Board meeting we reviewed the first Vital Signs report of 2024. As we discussed at the Town Hall on Sunday, April 21st, the Vital Signs have been created to measure how well we are doing at achieving our goals for the year. The goals are:

  • Short Term Goal #1 – Transition to SAS Governance model. (Simplified Accountability Structure)
  • Long Term Goal #1 – Develop a discipleship pathway and help 50 people take their next step in discipleship.
  • Long Term Goal #2 – Establish new and deeper relationships with 100 people from our communities; listening to gain understanding, discovering new ideas, and letting people know that we care.

The Vital Signs are designed to measure attendance, involvement, and outreach into the community. In addition to monitoring weekly attendance and giving, which are metrics that we have used for a long time, we are also gauging how involved our members are by keeping track of participation in Sunday School classes, on Ministry Teams, and at church-sponsored events.

This will help us know whether we are offering programs and events that are meaningful to those that call BUMC home. We are also compiling all of our internal and external-facing events to make sure that we are on track to establish relationships with 100 people from our communities.

We will continue to refine the ways that we measure our impact on our church family and our communities, but I am encouraged by the information that we are starting to gather and know that it will provide a framework for the Leadership Board and the church staff to achieve our 2024 goals.

If you ever have any questions about the Leadership Board, please feel free to reach out to one of the Board members or attend one of our monthly meetings. And don’t miss the next Leadership Board Town Hall on Sunday, June 30 after the 10:30 Worship Service. Come hear the latest updates, ask questions and enjoy some food!

– Submitted by Eric Loutit

Your 2024 Leadership Board

Alan Scheufler (chair), Zane Burgstahler, Kristi Eberhardt, Matt Gabor, Carolyn Jatsek, Julie Kubek, Eric Louttit, Jim Slagle, Deb Watkins, and Rev. Heidi Welch. Need contact information? Please reach out to the office: 440-526-8938 or info@brecksvilleumc.com