Echo the Story: experience the Bible through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue

The Bible is like...

  • a campfire?
  • a broken mirror?
  • a drop of water?
  • a gourmet meal?

These seem like odd things to compare the Bible to, but when we see the Bible through new eyes, we can view it as a multi-layered, multi-dimensional story of the love God has for us. So how do you fit into the story?

Each week we will watch a video, listen to a biblical narrative, and participate in creative journaling in order to fully explore our own thoughts about the story of the people of God. Each session will end with an open discussion about how we fit into these ancient stories and what it means for us to be one of God's beautiful creations.

Join us on Sundays @ 10 am in the Youth Room! We hope to see you soon!

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