When You Are Grieving…

  • Listen to your soul and do what’s healthy for you. That may mean getting out in nature, taking a hot bath, reading favorite Bible verses.
  • Assemble a group who will accompany you through the grieving process. Identify your loved ones who will be happy to talk to you at 3 a.m. or the one who is OK to sit on the phone in silence for a long time, if needed. Find people who don’t mind if you call them several times in the same day.
  • Hug the one you’re with – a family member, a friend, a pet. An embrace is crucial during times of grief. Don’t hesitate to use tangible items, such as stuffed animals that hold sentimental meaning or a weighted blanket or quilt.
  • Take advantage of technologies to stay connected. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to talk, text, video chat with others.
  • Take your time to grieve. Some suggest the normal pattern of grief is two years as a starting point, but no two people grieve the same way. Be easy on yourself as you work through your grief.

— Adapted from an article by Crystal Caviness umc.org

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