Sunday School

Here’s What’s Planned for Sunday School This Year

Crib and Toddler Room
Open to all our babies and children. Our nursery is staffed by loving workers to care for your children. Nursery care, child care, and children’s fellowship are available Sunday mornings during both worship services.

All Ages
Exploring the Lectionary

If your child is in preschool through 7th grade they will be placed in grade-proper groups that will explore the scriptures. Each Sunday, we will explore the Bible reading shared during the worship service, called the lectionary. What does this mean for you? It means congregational connections! Everyone will hear and experience the same Scripture stories during worship or during the Sunday School hour which gives you the opportunity to talk about it at home.

Eighth Grade - Confirmation
This is an exciting time for you! You will spend this year asking and being asked questions about your faith. Some questions may be things you have already spent time thinking about or wrestling with and others may have never crossed your mind. You will be encouraged to think out loud and share your beliefs and ideas while your teachers do the same. During a portion of the year; you will learn about John Wesley and Methodism; why are you choosing this church as your church?
This is also a year for commitment. You will continue on your faith journey and decide if you are ready to make your commitment to Christ and Christianity in the spring. This year you will be paired with a mentor who, in addition to your teachers and parents, will be helping you with your faith journey and faith questions. There will be several events planned for your group and details will follow shortly with dates and times for each.

Ages 3 and up, meets after the Children’s Moment until the end of service. We meet 2nd through 5th Sundays of each month. We encourage families to worship together on the first Sunday of the month so that you can receive communion together.
Sprouts incorporates Bible stories, activities, crafts, visual media, and games into a full faith experience for children. At Sprouts, children develop the skills to unlock the Bible message and grow their faith by leaps and bounds. Our goal with the Sprouts program is to help the children learn Jesus’ clear message to us about loving our neighbors. We want to see our young people living out their faith as they grow.

Third Grade Bible Sunday
One of the many wonderful traditions in our church is the presentation of Bibles to our third graders each fall. This year Third Grade Bible Sunday was held in September, and everyone was encouraged to meet together in Fellowship Hall after the first service to share stories of their first Bibles with the third graders. It was a wonderful time of sharing our faith journey with one another, and a tradition we will continue through the years.